It is a well known fact that in the field of alternative health,  there are some little known compounds and supplements, that are claimed by many to work wonders on the one hand, and scoffed at by the sceptical, on the other.

Among these, probably the most well known is MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane.  MSM is an organic sulphur compound. It is an derivative of the more potent and lesser well known DMSO, which I will also be writing a blog post on in the near future.  Where DMSO is used as a medication or a treatment for health related problems, MSM is  more widely known as a health supplement with some surprising benefits.


MSM is a byproduct of DMSO.

DMSO is a very unusual, pure cellulose, sulfuric  compound. Colourless, odourless, crystalline in nature and completely non toxic. DMSO is a byproduct  of wood pulping in the paper making industry.  DMSO was discovered by a Russian scientist in 1860, and it was used as an industrial solvent for many years.

In `1963 Dr Stanley Jacob, an American professor of surgery, and Harvard Medical School lecturer stumbled across some of the startling medical benefits of DMSO.

To cut a very long story short, Dr Jacob began a programme of clinical studies into the medical uses and effects of DMSO, resulting in DMSO becoming one of the most widely studied substances of all time, with over a million published articles and studies to date.  MSM is a derivative of DMSO but unlike DMSO, it can also be found naturally occurring in certain foods and in nature. MSM  and also goes by the name of DMSO2

Although naturally occurring in some foods,  as stated above, it is usually not in sufficient amounts as to reap any notable  health benefits, this is due to the fact that the amounts are small, and much of it is destroyed by food processing. MSM supplementation provides the body with  amounts that actually do good, and in a pure form.

Where DMSO is always a liquid, MSM from which it is derived is a white powder, that can also be purchased in capsule form as a health supplement. (though it can be purchased in liquid form, and can also be bought as a topical gel) It is readily available  from health food suppliers, health shops, and companies specialising in food and health supplements online. as well as Amazon and other well known marketplaces.

MSM is one of the safest health supplements there is, and is well deserving of its reputation as a ‘miracle supplement’ as we shall learn next.


I would be sat here day and night for the foreseeable future If I were to try to list all the  health benefits of this fantastic supplement. So I will just give you 7 of the best, and you can  read up on the subject yourself if you want more information.

  • Highly beneficial to skin 

Who among us does not long for smooth, youthful skin? Collagen is the building block of healthy, supple skin .  MSM is required for healthy collagen production, used along with Vitamin C healthy new, skin cells are rapidly produced. These cells are plump as well as smooth.  The magic ingredient in it is sulfur, without sulfur, collagen production is severely curtailed resulting in wrinkles, dry and cracked skin as well as more likelihood  of other skin complaints such as acne eczema, and rosacea.

  • Flexible Joints
  • MSM has been shown in numerous clinical studies, to be highly beneficial in improving joint mobility. It does this by reducing inflammation and acts as a powerful pain reliever, allowing greater mobility and flexibility to be achieved.  It also helps the muscles and ligaments to remain smooth, moist, free moving and strong.  MSM is taken, or used by athletes, sports personalities, and others who require better joint mobility, to perform better.
  • Strong hair and nails

Healthy hair and nails, like healthy skin needs sulfur in a readily useable form for the body to use. MSM provides the sulfur for the body to make collagen and keratin, the very building blocks of fabulous hair and nails. The benefits of using a sulfur based super- supplement cannot be underestimated, and the results of such can be seen in as little as a couple of weeks!

  • A powerful detoxifier 

Like its more potent counterpart DMSO, MSM is a highly beneficial aid to cleansing unwanted toxins from the cells, including the blood.  As a qualified Detox Specialist, I have studied extensively the effects that unwanted toxins have on the system.  It is the course of wisdom to remove as many of these from the body as possible.   If you are interested in how to do this effectively and safely, please visit my sister website at

MSM makes the walls of the cell much more permeable. This means that toxic waste can be shipped out so  much more easily.  This results in much less damage by toxic matter to the cell.  Another added benefit of this permeability is that vital nutrients find it much easier to permeate the cell wall and begin the work they are needed for so much faster. MSM also has the ability to break down unwanted calcium deposits in the cell and enables them to be efficiently removed.  All this reduces the likelihood of  cell based disease like immune related illness and disease caused by cell damage, such as cancer.

  • Promotes healing

Because MSM removes unwanted substances like toxins, waste products and assists the cells to function at their best, healing takes place so much more readily.  The body has a powerful healing system, to enable it to repair itself .  MSM is so helpful to this process.  Recovery time from illness and injury is certainly speeded up when MSM is present in the body. This is another reason people involved in sport, including footballers, athletes and body builders often include a top quality MSM supplement in their daily regime.

  • Aids weight loss

Because the body creates fat to store unwanted toxins that it cannot process, when a person suffers from stubborn weight, that just cannot seem to be shifted by dieting, it is wise to include a detoxification agent as well as a diet programme.  For more information on how toxins play a major role in weight problems visit my sister site at

Also be aware that chronic inflammation can also be a root cause of weight related difficulties.  Inflammation causes fluid retention in the cells, and fluid weighs heavy!  MSM aids the reduction of inflammation greatly, and so contributes to natural weight loss.

  • Much more energy

If feeling worn out and washed out sounds like you, maybe MSM can help you! because it frees up energy used to deal with toxins and repair, that energy is then released for us to actually use and benefit from.  We feel invigorated rested and restored. MSM reduces stress on the system and has a direct bearing on how we feel.


Start off by dissolving 1 teaspoon of MSM in 500ml of water (I use spring water or use it with my own blend of detox water) and gradually increase the amount of powder until you are taking up to 3 tablespoons a day in the bottle. (this might take a few months to get to 3 tablespoons) Some people like to take  Vitamin C with their MSM for additional benefits, this is fine to do so.  Just make sure that you consume the  fluid throughout the day.

MSM gel should be applied liberally to the area to be treated.  The jar usually carries the instructions for use.


MSM is a fantastic substance.  It  provides the sulfur the body requires for all the  chemical processes it requires it for. Some of these processes are critical,  protecting us from and serious health problems and fighting disease. It can be taken internally or rubbed into the skin.

MSM provides organic sulfur in a form that is readily assimilated by our bodies.  The body is highly intelligent and can differentiate between sulfur that is in a natural form and synthetic, or harmful sulfur found in sulfates say, in food additives.  MSM definitely helps the blood vessels remain flexible as well as heart tissue, lung tissue and the muscles that support these vital organs. I don’t need to explain what the health implications of this is, it speaks for itself.

Click the link below to be taken to view the products that I recommend as a Detox Specialist to my clients.

Many people report dramatic improvements in their health soon after starting on MSM.  Maybe you will be one of them!

Good Health to you!





The chances are that you or somebody you know has experienced joint problems.  From painful knees when climbing stairs, to frozen shoulder, joint pain is common in both men and women.   According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, one person out of every three, suffers joint pain or discomfort every single day.

Many people feel that joint pain comes as a result of getting older, or is genetic.  They think little can be done about it, other than to take pain killers and put up with it.

However, the best selling author of the book ‘The arthritis cure’ Jason Theodosakis MD,  feels that this approach is a mistake.  He very firmly believes,  I quote from his book “People can improve their joint health considerably by making simple lifestyle changes. In the short term, taking prompt action can do much to lessen pain and  make movement much easier. Not to be overlooked is the benefit of safeguarding joints from further deterioration in the years ahead”



Include a programme of moderate, low impact exercise to  strengthen, and improve flexibility

By incorporating such activities as walking, swimming or cycling into a  30 minute, 3-5 times a week schedule, stress on the joints can be lowered.  It helps to find a friend to work out with.  A keep fit buddy can help you feel motivated, and it is much more fun exercising with a partner.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Have a strategy for eating healthily.  Being overweight can often cause joint problems and discomfort, so it can be beneficial to lose a few kilos, if needs be. This is easier said than done, so if you feel you might struggle, engage the help of a nutritional expert to help you establish an eating programme that will satisfy your individual needs and goals, which also supports joint health.carrot


Boost joint-protecting nutrient intake 

Recent clinical studies show glucosamine and chondroitin are incredibly safe and help improve joint comfort and health   Combination products have a tendency to be more efficient than taking the supplements separately.

However you choose to take it,  look for a supplement containing 1,500mg of glucosamine and 800-1,200 mg of chondroitin.  Anything less than this will be ineffective.

Also quality cod liver oil helps with joint health, as well as with other health related issues.

By doing these 3 simple steps, you can quickly and easily improve your joint health and avoid aggravating the problem further.

Let me know what you think about improving joint health, or if you try any of these tips.

Good health

Marcia x