The chances are that you or somebody you know has experienced joint problems.  From painful knees when climbing stairs, to frozen shoulder, joint pain is common in both men and women.   According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, one person out of every three, suffers joint pain or discomfort every single day.

Many people feel that joint pain comes as a result of getting older, or is genetic.  They think little can be done about it, other than to take pain killers and put up with it.

However, the best selling author of the book ‘The arthritis cure’ Jason Theodosakis MD,  feels that this approach is a mistake.  He very firmly believes,  I quote from his book “People can improve their joint health considerably by making simple lifestyle changes. In the short term, taking prompt action can do much to lessen pain and  make movement much easier. Not to be overlooked is the benefit of safeguarding joints from further deterioration in the years ahead”



Include a programme of moderate, low impact exercise to  strengthen, and improve flexibility

By incorporating such activities as walking, swimming or cycling into a  30 minute, 3-5 times a week schedule, stress on the joints can be lowered.  It helps to find a friend to work out with.  A keep fit buddy can help you feel motivated, and it is much more fun exercising with a partner.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Have a strategy for eating healthily.  Being overweight can often cause joint problems and discomfort, so it can be beneficial to lose a few kilos, if needs be. This is easier said than done, so if you feel you might struggle, engage the help of a nutritional expert to help you establish an eating programme that will satisfy your individual needs and goals, which also supports joint health.carrot


Boost joint-protecting nutrient intake 

Recent clinical studies show glucosamine and chondroitin are incredibly safe and help improve joint comfort and health   Combination products have a tendency to be more efficient than taking the supplements separately.

However you choose to take it,  look for a supplement containing 1,500mg of glucosamine and 800-1,200 mg of chondroitin.  Anything less than this will be ineffective.

Also quality cod liver oil helps with joint health, as well as with other health related issues.

By doing these 3 simple steps, you can quickly and easily improve your joint health and avoid aggravating the problem further.

Let me know what you think about improving joint health, or if you try any of these tips.

Good health

Marcia x


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