Everyone knows we all need a certain quantity of vitamins and minerals every day in order to become, and stay healthy.  These vital nutrients are like tools the body needs for it to do its job.nutrients-vitamin-supplements

What most people are not aware of, is that the human body is a bit like a chemical laboratory. Its chemical processes demand certain nutrients and substances known as phytochemicals.


Some of these trace elements are required in microscopic amounts, but  nevertheless they are critical to our health and wellbeing.  If they are lacking then that process simply cannot take place as it is meant to.  This can have a very negative impact on our health.

To understand what I am saying, imagine a workman arriving to do a job of, say putting up some shelves. He has the shelves themselves, but he brings the wrong screws, they are too short for the weight of the shelves.  He has forgotten to bring any rawl plugs, but thinks to himself, “never mind, they are only tiny bits of plastic, it’s not that important to use them”

He has brought a hammer, a saw and a drill, but he forgot to bring a spirit level.  He puts up the shelves with what he has got.  Sure the shelves are up, but a quality job? Hardly! But he could only use what he had.

Now let’s compare the illustration to our need for vitamins and minerals.  Our body can only do its job of keeping us healthy and fighting chronic illness, with the tools we give it. If some of these vital elements are missing, sure it will do the best it can. But a quality job? You get the picture!


If  you suffer from any of these symptoms, you need to pay close attention to your vitamin and mineral intake.

  1. Constantly feeling exhausted or worn out
  2. unrelenting emotional or psychological stress
  3. Cracked or constantly peeling lips, or split sides of the mouth
  4. Mouth ulcers
  5.  Dry skin
  6. Dandruff
  7. Cold sores
  8. Acne
  9. Eczema
  10. Dry or coarse hair
  11. Dry brittle fingernails or hangnails
  12.  chronically dry, itching or burning or watery, gritty feelings  of the eyes

While you may feel that you are following a healthy diet, it is highly unlikely that it is providing you with ALL the trace elements you need.  Therefore it is the course of wisdom to utilise the very best supplements you can buy. These will supply your body with the critical nutrients it needs when your diet fails to do so.

Make no mistake, disorders and problems can and will most certainly emerge, if your diet doesn’t supply your body with the nutrients  it requires.


Many people will pop a cheap multivitamin supplement in the supermarket trolley as they do their weekly shop, and think this will do the job. Take another look at the list above, many people who experience these symptoms ARE taking a multivitamin!  So what is the problem?  The problem is quality.  It is sad but it’s a true fact, you only get what you pay for in most things, and the same is true of the multivitamin.  When looking to purchase a multivitamin supplement, think of it as a financial investment, because that is exactly what it is! pills You are investing in your own health.

Think for a moment benefits you will reap from obtaining the very best. The supplements that experts and scientists who work in the field of nutrition take themselves.  Remember that you can only reap what you sow. Your investment will pay you a huge dividend in return for your investing in it.

  1. You will not have to spend so much on health remedies, after all, prevention is always cheaper than the cure.
  2. You will be able to do things you simply feel too tired to be doing at present.
  3. You will take less time off work  through illness caused by vitamin deficiency.
  4. Quality supplements actually work, so you will see the results in better health.


If you discover that you are suffering from vitamin deficiency, there’s nothing to be gained by waiting or wasting your money on supplements that don’t work. As a qualified specialist in the field of nutrition I have several products that I recommend for you to try, so take steps now to drastically reduce your symptoms, boost your immunity and feel revitalised!

Please go to my recommended products page for links to these products.







  1. I think I may have some deficiencies because I am constantly tired all the time and stressed out. My diet is very monotone and doesn’t contain variety, so that could be a cause. I think supplements is a good idea for people like me. But the best way is probably to just eat a balanced diet and get your vitamins in that way.

    • Hey Kent!

      Thank you for your comment. There are plenty of little things you can do to improve your diet. Try adding a bit of fresh fruit, try a different fruit every day, rustle up a pot of homemade soup or a tasty casseroles with plenty of different vegetables in it. or just add a few extra varieties of veg to your plate. Try to eat a variety of colour in your fruit and veg.

      I feel quite concerned that your lack of variety in food will be having on your overall health. Supplements are not a substitute for poor diet.The best way is to eat as many nutrients as you can via quality food, and meet any lack with supplements.

      You might benefit from reading my article, What you need to know about supplements.

      good health to you!

      Marcia x

  2. Hey Marcia. Yor article about vitmain deficiencies struck home with me. I am a vegan for allready 10 years now. I take vitamin b12 regularly now but that wasnt the case earlier in my vegan jorney. No, I refused to even think about it until I startet getting some noticeable symptoms like feats of depresion and tinginling in my legs. It all stoped as soon I strted takiing a supllemnt so you are rightg they are improtant. What is better for b12, a tablet or under the tongue?

    • Hi Nikola!

      Thank you for sharing your vegan experience with me. Many people who follow a healthy diet rich in meat, dairy and seafood with high levels of vitamin B12, and take B12 supplements in tablet form, can still be deficient in this essential vitamin!

      The reason is that the body has great difficulty absorbing this nutrient from the stomach. A special enzyme is needed that is made by the lining of the stomach. Due to poor gastrointestinal health in many people, this enzyme is lacking, severely restricting the absorption of vitamin B12. It is much more easily absorbed straight into the bloodstream via a spray under the tongue.

      I hope this helps Nikola

      Good health to you

      Marcia x

  3. Hey Marcia:

    Thanks for this informative heads-up about vitamin deficiency. The quality of vitamin and mineral supplements really is a subtle but important part of adding these things to your diet…for men and women.

    This whole subject has become more fascinating as I get older. As a dedicated foodie, I already know about the importance of quality ingredients — in terms of how the things are grown and processed as well as the freshness and care from producer to consumer — for the ultimate success of any dish. It makes sense that the same thing would apply to supplements as well.

    • Hi Netta,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Of course, as we all know, it is best for us to get our nutrients from the food we eat, and the less processed the better. Supplements fill the gap when our diet is lacking. The supplements need to be of a good quality for them to do any good. Do you you use supplements yourself?

      One easy way to dramatically improve in your vitamin intake is to make a veg packed homemade soup and blend till smooth.

      This way you make available all the nutrients in a form the body can readily utilise.

      I hope this helps you

      Good health

      Marcia x

  4. This is a good post with helpful information and it is my hope that more men will read this post, As men for a lot of us really need to take control of our diet and take better care of our self. Many men are becoming ill simply because of ignoring the laws of health and not doing what they are suppose to do. I believe as men if we take control of our diet and take the vitamins that our bodies need we will have good health enjoying life to the fullest.

  5. This is a good post with helpful information and it is my hope that more men will read this post, As men for a lot of us really need to take control of our diet and take better care of our self. Many men are becoming ill simply because of ignoring the laws of health and not doing what they are suppose to do. I believe as men if we take control of our diet and take the vitamins that our bodies need we will have good health enjoying life to the fullest.

  6. Thank you for the 12 signs of vitamin deficiencies. I personally have an issue with dandruff. I have for years. I keep it at bay with T-Gel. I never thought about it being cause from a vitamin deficiency. What could the deficiency be from? Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hey Marc!

      Two things come to mind here, one is lack of complex B vitamins, especially vitamin B12 (found mainly in meat) and also zinc deficiency. A lack of these particularly is a factor in problem dandruff.

      Zinc needs vitamin B6 to be absorbed properly. B6 is found in meat, fish beans and poultry. Good sources of zinc are red meat, beans, nuts, crab, lobster, chickpeas yogurt and kefir. Try increasing natural food sources and top up if you find it difficult to eat the recommended foods daily.

      Hope this helps!

      Good health

      Marcia x

  7. Ugh I have to show this to my boyfriend. He doesn’t believe me when I say that vitamins are an absolute necessity; especially when you’re super fatigued and exhausted just about every day!
    I don’t see a link anywhere for your recommended products. Where can I find that? Or maybe you can comment back with the link. Thanks!

    • Hi Gabriela!

      Thank you for your comment. It sounds to me like your boyfriend could do with a bit of help. Does he eat a healthy diet as a rule? If not then including more vitamin rich foods in his diet can help enormously. Then he would only need a general supplement to top up.

      Also it’s not only a lack of essential vitamins and minerals that can cause fatigue and exhaustion, it can also be caused by toxic overload.

      I qualified as a Detox Specialist and have lots of info on my sister website at bestdetox4u.com

      in the meantime, I will be putting the link on to the products shortly when I design the page, as I have only just built this site in the last two weeks, and it is still under construction!

      I would be happy to look at your boyfriend’s diet and help him make simple effective changes.

      just let me know

      Marcia x

  8. Thanks for sharing this post, one of the things that most of us as men has to do is to take care off ourselves , these vitamins that you are recommending is so great and do our bodies much good. Theses vitamins are so good and is so beneficial that it does a whole lot. Your readers will love that benefits that these vitamins offer thanks for sharing

    • Hi Norman

      thank you for taking the time to comment, It’s all about incorporating small changes, that can have a big impact on health. Is there any area of health and welllbeing that you would like to improve?

  9. Hello here. Your article wil help to these who suffer from mentioned symptoms. We need vitamins and minerals because we do not get enough it from food.
    The soil is depleted, animals graze grass which does not have enough minerals. Animals lack nutrients too because their food is mixed with chemicals and hormones for better growth.
    Men as women can feel the deficiency of vitamins.
    Can you recommend where to get best complex of vitamins? Maybe on the Amazon?
    Thanks for the information, all the best, Nemira.

    • Hey Nemira!

      Thank you so much for your comment

      ! I recommend for you Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for Women. It is priced normally at £29:95 but at the moment it is on offer at just £14:95! so it’s a good time to buy.  Yes you can purchase this on Amazon.  

      The reason I recommend this particular product, is it is a very pure product.  As a dietary detox specialist, I am very careful to avoid for myself and my clients, unnecessary chemicals, additives and fillers in any supplements.  I also think it important to avoid soy and gluten in a supplement, and that the vitamins  come from organic sources.  This brand ticks all the boxes and has an excellent reputation.

       I hope this helps!

      Let me know If I can help you further

      Marcie x

  10. This is interesting because it would make sense that these symptoms would indicate a vitamin deficiency.
    I try and eat healthy but I also take vitamin supplements as well.
    I don’t think everyone eats everything necessary to get all the vitamins they need.
    Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are the ones I take for various reasons. I feel they are the most important. What do you think?

    • Hey Rob,

      Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.  All vitamins and minerals play a vital role in our health.  If we are deficient in any one, then the chemical reactions cannot take place.  Some of these elements, only a trace is required, and we take far too much!

       Certainly vitamin D is a very important hormone and plays a crucial role in immune function. Getting 15 minutes of sunlight boosts up vitamin D and is cheaper too!

  11. Hi Marcie,

    Thank you for all the valuable information . Very interesting.

    I have a question: What if your body shows one or more of these symptoms how would one know which vitamin(s) one is lacking?

    Would it be a case then of going to a doctor for tests ?

    • Hey Roy,

      Thank you  for visiting my site, and for taking time to communicate with me!

      Very few doctors would provide tests for vitamin deficiency. Simply because they are not in the business of preventative medicine.  If a person is displaying several symptoms of mineral or vitamin deficiency, then making sure that their diet includes all the things that are needed is the best way.

       Failing that, a top quality supplement is the next best thing.

      If you have sufficient minerals and vitamins in your body, and you take more in through diet or supplementation, then the excess will simply be excreted out of the body, so you don’t need to worry about having too much.  The problems come when we don’t have the minute trace elements we need for essential chemical reactions to take place within our body.  This  paves the way for health problems.

      Hope this helps!

      Marcie x

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