Lets face it, when it comes to dietary supplements  it’s confusing!  There is SO much information out there,  it can be difficult to find out the facts.  Even if you do,  which products are the best for us as individuals?  It’s not a case of one size fits all here, we are all unique with our own specific DNA, so what works for one person  may do nothing much for the next.

The dietary supplements industry is a multi-billion pound industry in Britain alone, never mind worldwide, and though manufacturers of these products claim to have your best  interests at heart, many compromise quality to maximise profit. It’s the way of the world, so what can you do?

Get the best information available from someone who knows the facts.  Someone who knows the results of clinical studies and scientific research, and who can help you make an informed choice. That person is me.

In an ideal world, we would all follow a perfect balanced healthy diet. we simply wouldn’t need to take dietary supplements.  We would eat 3 meals a day which naturally supplied all our nutritional requirements. fresh healthy salad We would live unhurried and stress free lives  so our bodies would work at maximum efficiency.  We would have around 9 hours of quality sleep  every night, allowing our cells to repair and be replenished with nutrients as we sleep.  However in modern society, this just isn’t possible.

Of course it is best to get all our nutritional requirements from the food we eat, but our modern lifestyles  put us in a difficult position.

We barely have the time to eat, let alone eat nutritionally sound food every day.  Many people especially men, work shifts and this interferes with quality sleep, disrupting our utilisation of nutrients that takes place at night while we are sleeping. Added to this is the tremendous amount of stress we have in our day to day lives.   All this takes a toll on our health.  Dietary supplements can go a long way to helping us improve nutrition.vitamin-pillls

Nobody should think though, that taking vitamins and supplements can make a poor diet healthy!    The best way for the body to obtain its requirements is through micro nutrient rich foods.  The body is designed to extract these from the food we eat.

so we do well if we try our very best to obtain critical nutrients from food such as vegetable superfoods and fruit and clean lean meat.


Start right away to use set of the  highest quality supplements available at this time,  to enhance and top up your essential vitamins and minerals. Here on this site you will find the very best advice and help, and will have easy access  to links where you can purchase the best science proven products, recommended by naturopathic physicians and nutritional experts, ( the supplements they themselves take) to help you look and feel your best.


  • Try to eat as healthily as you can for your own circumstances
  • Get enough quality sleep as possible at night
  • Take the quality supplements I recommend on this site, they are the market best.
  • Seek the services of a professional nutritional supplements specialist. They can help you identify your personal needs.







  1. There is so many talk in this day and time when it comes to health, and it is amazing to see how more and more people are getting into health. A good diet foes a long way in a persons health, and so putting the right foods in the body is what is need to promote good health, I believe that vitamins and supplements has its place but it goes back to eating healthy.

    • Hey Norman

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment!

      I’m delighted that more and more guys are interested in good health, and I’m more than happy to help them with any questions they may have.

      A good healthy diet, I agree goes a long way to helping people get essential nutrients from the food they eat, however, the body needs 28 critical nutrients and trace elements every day. If one of these is missing, then the body cannot perform the function it needs it for. Modern lifestyles and the food industry itself, make it almost impossible to obtain all these 28 micro-nutrients.

      A quality supplement can supply the missing elements, when the diet fails to step up to the mark.

      Good health to you

      Marcia x

  2. I’m currently taking Beta Blockers for a heart condition I discovered just recently but I have been advised to take a few supplements for heart health.
    I was wondering if you knew of any places online to go if you are looking for more (safety) information on this?
    I am wanting to try out magnesium and Omega oils but I think I should probably check if they can be taken with other medication first…

    • Hi Chris

      I always advise people to get as many of their nutrients from the actual food you eat, simply because this is the way our bodies are designed to assimilate micronutrients.

      In the case of magnesium, try increasing your natural intake by consuming spinach. This is why green smoothies are so good. Spinach contains the highest amounts in natural food. Other natural sources are dark chocolate ( the higher the cocoa solids the better) just a couple of squares contains quite a lot of magnesium, so do bananas, chard, pumpkin seeds, salmon and almonds. If you increase the amount you consume naturally, then a supplement can be taken every other day just to top up.

      Fish oil is the best omega oil to take and has so many benefits to health from heart health, to eczema to ADHD in children. It is fine to take with your medication. Just chose a good quality one- a- day and you will be fine. Any doubts have a chat with your own GP.

      A good source of info online about vitamins is Dr Axe and Dr Mercola.

      Hope this helps!

      Good Health

      Marcia x

  3. Supplements are a topic that’s interested me for a while and there was a time a few years ago that I was taking a number of them regularly: Tumeric, Vitamins C, B12, Calcium and Biotin to name just some. Not only was it costly, I came across a few articles back then saying that supplements can be a total rip-off since they aren’t regulated and may not contain what they claim to. I eat a really healthy diet and don’t want to waste money. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Lynn!

      Thank you for getting in touch with me. Supplements like many products in the health industry can be a minefield.Generally you get what you pay for. 

       There are some companies producing cheap products that do very little good. some supermarket lines are among these. The human body can tell the difference between vitamins that are contained naturally in food and those that are manufactured, and will process them differently. It prefers the naturally occurring vitamins since it is designed to work with these as a matter of course. So it makes sense to eat super healthily as you say you do. After all, there is much truth in the saying “you are what you eat”

      However, we live in a very artificial world these days, and with the modern lifestyle it can be difficult to get all the trace elements we need  just from our food alone. Without these elements chemical processes cannot take place. So a high quality supplement will provide us with these trace elements. I’m not keen on all in one supplements there are some good ones but they don’t come cheap. I tend to take my supplements separately.

      I take a high dose of high strength vitamin c, curcumin, MSM, Zinc Magnesium. I also take DMSO to remove toxins which are a bigger threat to health and wellbeing that deficient diet. 

       I also take a high antioxidant powder containing garlic, green tea,  vitamin E and vitamin b. I add this to  my power smoothie in the morning. 

      If you are interesting in learning how detoxing clinically protects your health from serious illness visit bestdetox4u.com

      Hope this helps.  Give me a shout if you need any more help!


      Marcia x

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